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Who can play the violin/viola?

I believe that everyone can learn how to play an instrument and, moreover, every one person learn in their own way and pace.

My main goal is to build healthy learning and playing habits from the very beginning, guaranteeing future success and joy on this journey. A correct posture contributes to the beautiful sound and tuning, giving us the freedom to express our musicality. In addition, the appropriate language and fun activities definitely contribute in making each lesson interesting and interactive.

How old can you start?

I teach students from 3 to 99. Every age has its own demands and opportunities: children demand their parents during classes, adults can either be interested in private lessons or group beginner lessons.

Where do I teach?

My individual lessons take place either at the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts or at my private studio, depending on schedule availability. Group lessons are held at the Maritime Conservatory.

My lessons are focused on the Suzuki repertoire and its approach, meaning I follow its progression and purpose on the violin/viola learning. I also use teaching techniques from different methods and authors as I’m always searching for new and interesting ways of teaching.

To learn more about my teaching style, please check Suzuki and Resources.

To learn an instrument as a child is a precious opportunity to develop integrative abilities like focusing, listening, observing, analyzing, moving, coordinating, following guidelines, understanding, discovering and more! In short, countless long-term benefits.

Lessons for kids require the presence of a parent, who will be responsible for taking notes and acting as a “home teacher” during the remainder of the week. This is called the “Suzuki Triangle”, where everyone plays a specific and important role.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”

Everyone can learn something new! Everyone can pursue their dreams! Everyone can do it well!

Learning an instrument is a new world that opens in front of us, new horizons, new ideas, new challenges.

There are no mysteries about playing the violin! How to hold it properly?  How to produce a beautiful tone? How to listen? everything its possible to learn if we follow the right instruction.

Learn music is to understand better this language that surrounds us all the time! and why not to learn how to make it?

Accessible, fun and interactive! That’s how I see the Adults Beginners Group!

Group environment lesson is an opportunity to learn together as we watch and listen to each other. Violins and violas were born to play in groups, they sound amazing in that setup! Why not learn how to be in a string group from the very beginning?

You gonna learn the fundamental principles of playing the violin and how to read music and to play in a string group.

I have had more than 1000 students beginning like that, and what I see is that new talents and friendships rise from that experience!

My Rates

My private lesson rates includes group lessons on the schedule

30, 45, or 60 minutes per week, according to student’s age and skill level.

Also includes two 45 minute monthly group lessons.

  • 30min / $40
  • 45min / $48
  • 60min / $56

Introductory Violin Course

12 weeks / 24 lessons / 1h30 per lesson

Mondays  and Thursdays evenings

$360 / term + $30 registration