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Having been teaching violin, viola, and strings for over 15 years, I believe anyone can learn how to play an instrument and that it can bring many positives to our lives, both on personal and social aspects.

I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, the largest urban centre in Brazil, where I built most of my education and professional background, having worked for over 10 years as a professional musician and music teacher. I am a Bachelor of Music with a major in Viola from Sao Saulo University, the most prominent educational institution in Brazil, and a Graduate Certificate in Music Education from Faculdade Cantareira. As a string teacher, I have worked in two of the biggest social programs in Brazil (SESC and Guri Project), whose goal is to bring musical education and culture to underprivileged Brazilians. At Guri Project, I have taught children and teenagers ranging from 6 to 18 years of age, and at SESC mostly with teenagers and adults, supporting them in their quest to begin a new phase in their lives where they could find their passion for music.

I moved to Halifax/NS in 2015 to teach Suzuki violin, and I was glad to witness a sudden growth in that community recently. My Suzuki experience began when I was searching for a method that resonated with my beliefs, and my past training include institutes, workshops, masterclass and practicum with experienced teacher trainers from Suzuki American Association – SAA, such as Marilyn O’Boyle, Nancy Lokken, Shinobu Saito, Eduardo Ludueña, Amy Matherly, Martha Shackford, Caroline Fraser and Ann Montzka-Smelser. With that background, I eventually co-founded the first Suzuki Method school in the Sao Paulo. You can find my SAA profile at https://suzukiassociation.org/people/andre-pretzel/

As a musician, I have played in many groups and orchestras of different genres in Brazil, ranging from classical to rock. As a member of Juiz de Fora Baroque Orchestra, I performed several recordings using antique instruments.

My goal as a music teacher is to allow students to uncover their true talents. Anyone can play on a beautiful tone, tuning, and musicality, experiencing the joy of learning music!

Let us learn and play!