Beginner Group Classes – Spring 2022

In these Beginner Group Classes. I will cover all the basics for a healthy violin foundation helping you or your kid achieve the best results! 100% guarantee satisfaction! It is a fantastic opportunity to start learning the violin or the viola.

There are multiple benefits from Beginner Group Classes start learning your instrument in a group setting.

  • Interactive – Working on the same achievements with other students is so satisfying!
  • Making new friends – You may find a new community for you, new friends with same interests!
  • Affordable – sharing a lesson time with other students is cheaper than a private lesson.
  • Short term commitment – My group lesson focus is to provide a very good foundation so you can continue on your own, no attachments after completing this course.
  • It’s a good way to try something new! – As there’s no attachment, you can try for fun, maybe you fall in love, maybe not, for sure you will have a new experience!

My first experience with stringed instruments was in a group lesson and it really changed my life. Because of that environment I decided to become a violin teacher.

For the Adult group you only need to bring your instrument and there’s no musical experience needed!

Beginner students can get instrument by renting or buying.

Where to rent or buy?

You can rent or buy your instrument at Long & McQuade or at the Bowed Instrument Shop. Renting is a very affordable option to start your journey with no commitments. You can also find good cheap options on the used market like and Facebook Marketplace.

For the kids group we are offering instruments from the Conservatory library to be used during our sessions! We have multiple fractional sizes.

Contact the Maritime Conservatory for registering.

If you wanna know more about my beginner violin lessons please contact me

Looking forward to this class!