Tonalization TEA event

This March 2022, the Suzuki Association of Ontario will be offering a Tonalization workshop in a series of events called Teaching Education Action (T.E.A).

Those events are focused on the continued teacher development mindset that all Suzuki teachers are engaged in since their first steps into their Suzuki teacher career’s path choice.

This event will be The History and Philosophy of Tonalization presented by Fumiyo Kurimochi.

One of Suzuki Method’s main cornerstones is his “Totalization” approach and Its first full exercises appear at the beginning of Suzuki Violin Volume 2.


Tonalization – Tone and Tuning

Violin tone and tuning are so dependent on each other that is hard to mention tuning without tone and vice versa.

“Tone has the living soul”

Shinichi Suzuki

Tonalization is probably one of the best ways for us to produce a beautiful tone on our instruments. The main concept is to use the natural resonance from open strings as a reference for our tuning.

Suzuki’s practice

Dr. Suzuki recommends the student practice its Totalization daily, as part of a warm-up and fine connection with the instrument.

In this video, you can find Dr. Suzuki itself explaining its concept.

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Other Violin Schools

The word “Tonalization” is used mainly between Suzuki teachers and students, but certainly the concept of “resonance and tuning” is used among other violin methods as well.

Wanna know more about the Suzuki Method? Check this page.

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Do you practice tonalization? or any other form of tone production/tuning exercise?